Tithing makes a difference
What a testament to God’s faithfulness and the ultimate generosity of the Habitat family that we reached this milestone in the middle of a pandemic. We recall the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 in the Bible when we proclaim that every tithe multiplies. That is particularly powerful as 100% of tithe money is used to help families around the world improve their housing situations.Tithing reminds us that no matter how different we may be in some ways, we are all God’s children who share similar dreams and desires for our families. By sharing our blessings and extending our arms wider, we help more families build the foundation for a better future.
We often hear stories of local Habitat groups that took a leap of faith to send in their tithe — and then amazing things happened. One U.S. affiliate recently shared a great example of their commitment to the tithe this year. When 2020 changed so many things, the affiliate let us know that because revenues were down, they would have to adjust their tithe. But then came the great news that their financial situation had changed again, and the board voted to make a $100,000 special tithe gift. Part of that money will help Habitat launch a project to serve Rohingya refugees who desperately need decent shelter.
Thanks to all of you who support our tithe program and many thanks to all the local Habitat organizations that have made it a priority to serve families around the block and around the world. As Dr. Melba Maggay said in our recent global worship service, the work we do together enables the people we serve to go forward in hope.
I believe in tithe!