Child's drawing of yellow house and family members

View the stories and wonderful artwork from the children

In Habitat International’s Annual Report you will find the specifics about our work during fiscal year 2021 in this annual report, which this year is illustrated by children of Habitat families all over the world. These drawings tell Habitat’s story through children’s eyes and are a poignant reminder to me of why we do the work we do. Here are a few of the highlights from the report:

Last year, Habitat for Humanity helped more than 4.2 million people build or improve the place they call home. This is an incredible accomplishment, given all the constraints our affiliates and national organizations faced. It is all the more important given the incredible importance of safe and healthy homes during the pandemic.

With so many build sites closed to volunteers, our Habitat network found new and innovative ways of engaging people in our mission. Habitat was aided by more than 500,000 volunteers who helped build, advocate and raise awareness about the global need for shelter.

Our sector impact numbers were impacted partly by COVID and partly because of the maturity curve of our MicroBuild Fund. However, our ability to advance safe, decent and affordable housing through advocacy was a bright spot. Policy and systems changes for which we advocated could potentially affect 8.2 million people.

Recently I was able to return to a couple of work sites in the U.S. and will soon resume international travel as well. I am excited to be with people again and look forward to the time when we can all do so freely. Until then, we won’t dwell on thoughts of “when COVID is over.” Rather we will give thanks and focus on the things we can safely do now to build homes, communities and hope.

Drawing by child showing a yellow house

Drawing by a child showing the countryside